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My time as volunteer

I am Timo, 25 years old and study robotics at the TU Munich.
In 2017, at the age of 19, I was completed a volunteer service in Mae Sariang for 7 months as part of the RDF volunteers.
Looking back, it has influenced me in many ways and I miss being there.


Mae Sariang in Thailand

Those who have been to Thailand before will surely remember the cities, beaches and islands overrun by tourists.
Mae Sariang is different.
About four hours west of Chiang Mai, the tourist stronghold for backpackers from Southeast Asia, lies Mae Sariang, surrounded by hilly and green countryside.
The local people are very friendly, talk to you in Thai and the (spicy) food, as well as the culture are absolutely authentic and unique.


RDF Family

The kids that are able to continue their education in Mae Sariang with the help of RDF have left a lasting impression on me.
They are incredibly hardworking, self-organized, interested and all master their everyday life away from their families.
As a volunteer you help them on their way, look over homework and give extra English lessons.
You experienced a level of appreciation I've never felt again.


Interviews of new scholarship recipients

Another unique experience was visiting the families of our scholarship recipients with our beloved scooters to search for and interview new students.
No electricity, no shower, no flush; cooking together with the kids, eating on the floor, showering in the river and finally sleeping side by side on the floor.
After a two-day tour like this, which I was lucky enough to experience three times, you learn to appreciate everyday things more and feel much more alive, much more real.


Life around it

Besides teaching and other activities for the RDF, you also have a lot of free time that you can spend on your own. Whether it's yoga, Muay Thai or playing basketball with the students. During the school vacations, the freedom to explore, travel and experience the country itself or even the neighboring countries. You will rarely have that much time in a far away place like this again and you can enjoy the Southeast Asian culture to the fullest.

I can and will highly recommend the Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation to everyone and hope with all my heart that the foundation will continue to have the capacity, resources and volunteers to continue.

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