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Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Stiftung

Deutsches Stiftungszentrum

Colonnaden 68

20354 Hamburg 


+49 (0)40 806099-583



Meike Völzow

Stiftungsmanagerin im Deutschen Stiftungszentrum

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For more than ten years, the team of the Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation has been supporting the school and university education of underprivileged children from the ethnic minorities in the northwest of Thailand.


With our work we hope to support a future in which every child has access to education and the freedom to make individual decisions and to enjoy a self-determined life.

© Boris Loder

About Us

The foundation goes back to a foundation initiative by Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff (deceased 2007) and Mrs. Petcharaporn Feistl, it was founded in 2004 under the umbrella of the former Dyckerhoff Foundation and is still run in trust by the German Donors' Association. The foundation provides financial assistance to needy schoolchildren and trainees and students in vocational training, primarily in the Thai province of Mae-Hongson. The foundation can also build classrooms and school and student accommodation for the beneficiaries. The Foundation always provides funding when free tuition and accommodation are not guaranteed by state institutions. Preference is given to members of the so-called 'hill tribes' (ethnic minorities in Thailand).

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