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My time as volunteer

Hi, I'm Milena, a freelance writer and a graduate in Southeast Asian Studies. During my studies in 2015/2016, I had the opportunity to spend time in Thailand. After my semester abroad in Bangkok, I had the privilege of supporting the Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation for six months as a volunteer and foundation coordinator in Mae Sariang. Although this experience happened several years ago, the laughter of the children, the warmth of the foundation team, the beautiful rural surroundings, and the relaxed, simple way of life are still vivid in my mind and deeply ingrained in my heart.


Feeling at Home Away from Home

I am incredibly grateful for the time I spent with the scholarship recipients, the teacher team, and the foundation in northern Thailand. Back then, I thought I would be helping the children learn English, and that's exactly what happened. However, after just a few days on site, it became clear to me that I would be the one learning the most. Even today, I keep returning to Mae Sariang, which feels like a little piece of home in the distance.


The warmth of the Thai people

Even before my departure to northern Thailand, my Thai friends in Bangkok raved about the kindness (jai dee in Thai) of the Karen hill tribe. Up until that point, I had already perceived all interpersonal encounters in Thailand as particularly helpful and friendly, but upon arriving in Mae Sariang, I was greeted with such incredible warmth. Whether at school, in the dorm, at the local market, or on the streets, when you come to Mae Sariang, you will immediately feel welcomed.


Living in Northern Thailand

If you are considering applying for the volunteer program, I wholeheartedly recommend it. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture and experience intercultural exchange. You will be part of an amazing team and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. You will live in a simple, traditional Thai house surrounded by a beautiful garden. Zooming on a scooter, you will head to the school and the foundation's residential homes, often greeted by waving children. In your free time, you can spend time with the scholarship recipients, explore the mountainous region, connect with other expats and locals, or take a weekend trip to the cultural city of Chiang Mai.


More Information

Here you can learn more about daily life in Mae Sariang and your tasks while volunteering for the Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation.

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