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My time as volunteer

Hi. My name is Jakob, I'm 24 years old and I usually study in Germany at the TU in Munich. In 2022 I decided to volunteer for 4 months on site in Mae Sariang. This decision turned out to be one of the best of my life.


Working with the children in the dormitories.

My job consisted mainly of working with the children living in the Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation. These young people have taken my heart by storm. Day after day, I got to see their smiles, hear their dreams, and learn their stories. We played, learned and laughed together. The gratitude and joy they showed me was indescribable. It was fulfilling to see them gain confidence and develop their talents.


English lessons at the local school.

My duties also included teaching as an English teacher at the local school. It was inspiring to see how the students acquired new language skills with enthusiasm and eagerness. The progress they have made in a short space of time has been impressive. It was an incredible experience to accompany her growth and passion for learning.


Excursions and friendships

During my stay I also had the opportunity to go on wonderful excursions and meet many new people. I was deeply touched by the natural beauty of Thailand. From stunning temples to scenic landscapes, I was able to experience the country in all its glory. But what was special were the encounters with the locals and other volunteers. We have experienced adventures together, created memories and formed close friendships. The diversity of people I met broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of other cultures.


Taking leave

Saying goodbye to the children and the local team at Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation was incredibly difficult for me. The experience I had as a volunteer at the Dr. Robert Dyckerhoff Foundation has made is priceless. She taught me what it really means to help other people and give them hope. This time will stay in my heart forever and I am grateful to have been part of such an inspiring community.

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